Do I have to refuel the car at the end of my booking?2018-05-07T14:20:14+00:00

No you don’t have to refuel it, unless you receive it with a full tank. Just make sure that you return the car on the same fuel level as you received it.

What if I cause damages to the car?2018-05-07T14:38:11+00:00

Priceless Car Hire offers the following types of insurance

All authorized drivers of Priceless vehicles are covered from Third party death, injury and property.

CDW reduces the financial liability of the renter for damage to the rented vehicle up to a maximum amount of 400€.

What if I have an accident?2018-05-07T14:40:08+00:00

In case of any type of accident occurs while your stay in Corfu, call us and we are going to do whatever needed to help you. Priceless Car Hire also offer 24/7 road assistance.

Where am I allowed to drive the car?2018-05-07T14:42:11+00:00

You are free to drive your car towards any destination around Corfu Island. Normally, our vehicles are not permitted to exit Corfu island. But if you want to drive outside the island, contact us and we will try to achieve a deal that suits your needs.

What if my arrival time in Corfu Island is outside your working hours?2018-05-07T14:43:36+00:00

Don’t worry. Just make sure to fill correctly your arrival time while filling your booking form.

What is your policy about additional drivers?2018-05-07T14:45:19+00:00

Each of our cars can be driven by up to 3 people total, as long as you tell us at the beginning of your booking. Otherwise, the driver is considered to be he who completes the booking.

Who can hire a car in Corfu from Priceless Car Hire?2018-05-07T14:46:16+00:00

All national driving licenses will be accepted as soon as they are valid and drivers have held them for at least 1 year before the renting period. Age limits are minimum age 21 years and maximum age 75 years.

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