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Project Description

Resting within an unspoiled, verdant natural scenery, the picturesque village of Benitses constitutes a must-see destination in Corfu. Situated 13km south of the town of Corfu, this cosmopolitan resort is sure to have something to suit every taste. The old fishing village of Benitses is a unique case of holiday destination, having retained its authenticity and traditional charm without losing its colorful, vibrant touristic interest. A walk along the paved streets will more than convince you, exposing the region’s traditional Greek character. The scenery is idyllic to say the least. This area is known for its lush green surroundings and pristine natural beauty. There are various paths crossing the imposing green hills, offering stunning views of the bay, into the shimmering waters of the Ionian Sea. In that aspect, Benitses combines views of both the mountain and the sea, giving the visitor the best of both worlds. The small hills surrounding the area make it a perfect spot for hiking. Follow one of the several trails carved into the hillsides and the magnificent views of the island will reward your climb. Beaches here are a mix of pebbles and sand and many of them are equipped with umbrellas, sun beds and provide you with a wide choice of water sport activities, so you can enjoy the remarkably clean sea. Nightlife here is rather laid-back, ideal for a chill night out and a relaxing time. Benitses is quite the culinary destination as well. Well-known for its quality of food, this is the spot to savor flavors of the Mediterranean and traditional Corfiot cuisine, in one of the many taverns of this region. And if you feel like doing some sightseeing in between relaxing at one of the nearby beaches, Benitses is the ideal choice for you. Located just 3km from Benitses, the Achilleion palace is definitely worth a visit. Enjoy a pleasant drive to this uniquely beautiful monument of great architectural elegance, through quaint village roads and an imposing natural setting.